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‘Wound Without A Tear’

Artist/s: Peter Ball (Delicate Systems), Paul Schütze, Sense, Kazumichi Grime, Kaputnik, Sarah Hopkins, Ros Bandt, Pretty Boy Crossover, melbient, Random Acts of Elevator Music, Didjitalis, Tim Jackiw, Linga Sarira, Pelican Daughters
Format: 2X12 inch vinyl, Digital
(1st edition of 500)
Artwork by J
Insert by Angelina Nonaj
Design & Layout by Alex Margetic
Mastered by Joseph Buchan

A compilation of “Australian” Ambient and Experimental Music between 1993 – 2008. The collection cites a period of early 90s post-rave ethereality defined by pleasure-centred spaces (chill-out rooms) and the personal computer’s emergence as a popular tool for file-sharing and secondary-living in the 00s.

1. Peter Ball (Delicate Systems) -Drawn From Sleep
2. Paul Schütze - The Lotus Voltage
3. Sense - Eb Ni Twein
4. Kazumichi Grime - Rounded
5. Kaputnik - Sleepers Sleep
6. Sarah Hopkins - Kindred Spirits
7. Ros Bandt - From Under The Sacred Oak
8. Pretty Boy Crossover - Audio Letters
9. melbient - Narla 
10. Random Acts of Elevator Music - Waiting In The Foyer
11. Didjitalis - The Abyss
12. Tim Jackiw - Composite Memory 7
13. Linga Sarira - Void Calm
14. Pelican Daughters - Aurascape

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