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Haji K. ‘Black Against An Orange Line’

Format: 12 inch vinyl, CD, Digital
Music by Nico Callaghan
Artwork by Emily Bramich
Mastered by Ryu Yoshizawa

Haji K. presents a domestic daydream of Australia. “Black Against An Orange Line”... is an optimistic meditation. “At times these days I think of the way the sun would seton the farmland around our small house in the autumn. A view of the horizon, the whole entire circle of it,if you turned, the sun setting behind you, the sky in frontbecoming pink and soft, then slightly blue again, as thoughit could not stop going on in its beauty, then the land closestto the setting sun would get dark, almost black against the orangeline of horizon, but if you turn around, the land is stillavailable to the eye with such softness, the few trees, the quiet fields of cover crops already turned, and the sky lingering, lingering, then finally dark”

1. Snows Over Mount Sinai
2. Antoinette & A Single Tear Climbing Up A Wall
3. Black Against An Orange Line
4. A White-Tinted Sky

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