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JJ+JS ‘peeled

Format: LP, Digital
All tracks written by JJ+JS
Mixed with Alex Talan
Mastered by Kassian Troyer
Lathe cut by Dubplates & Mastering
Cover art by Lowe Fehn
Back of sleeve by Craig Tattersall
Inner labels by J

1. 6AM (Iris Mix)
2. Lily Pad (with Izella)
3. Low Western
4. Dogs Day
5. Meetings and Partings
6. Meshing
7. Syntropy (with J)
8. Yves Body Painting


Format: CD, Digital
Compiled by c-
Mastered by Theodore Cale Schafer
Artwork by J

1. sarah mccauley - more ways
2. drumloop - pickupthepieces
3. kaho matsui - 10 ton bends
4. jśa - ventura
5. meetka - where did you go
6. i.v. - manipulative person
7. adrienne herr - lavinia

picnic ‘creaky little branch

Format: LP, CD, Digital
Artwork by Willard Klein
Mastered by Anne Taegert
Lathe cut by Dubplates & Mastering

With contributions from Alejandra & Aeron, el2, Kindtree, Nico Callaghan, samb_rules, Craig Tattersall (The Humble Bee, Hood, The Boats, etc.), Theodore Cale Schafer and Ultrafog.

1. dilly bar
2. sequins
3. knot
4. the wrong poodle
5. clay fish
6. tall tale
7. the when of you
8. homework *bonus track*
9. missed the moon *bonus track*

Distribution by Rubadub (c)

picnic ‘lucky number

Format: CD, Digital
Cover Artwork by Eyrie Alzate
Additional Artwork by Alexandra Ragg
Mastered by Joseph Buchan
Contributions by kindtree, uio loi
Theodore Cale Schafer & Panphilia.

1. crow (with kindtree)
2. sock collector (with uio loi)
3. enough (with Theodore Cale Schafer)
4. hazel (with Panphilia)
5. meadow

Distribution by Rubadub (c)