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picnic ‘creaky little branch

Format: LP, CD, Digital
Artwork by Willard Klein
Mastered by Anne Taegert
Lathe cut by Dubplates & Mastering

With contributions from Alejandra & Aeron, el2, Kindtree, Nico Callaghan, samb_rules, Craig Tattersall (The Humble Bee, Hood, The Boats, etc.), Theodore Cale Schafer and Ultrafog.

1. dilly bar
2. sequins
3. knot
4. the wrong poodle
5. clay fish
6. tall tale
7. the when of you
8. homework *bonus track*
9. missed the moon *bonus track*

Distribution by Rubadub (c)

picnic ‘lucky number

Format: CD, Digital
Cover Artwork by Eyrie Alzate
Additional Artwork by Alexandra Ragg
Mastered by Joseph Buchan
Contributions by kindtree, uio loi
Theodore Cale Schafer & Panphilia.

1. crow (with kindtree)
2. sock collector (with uio loi)
3. enough (with Theodore Cale Schafer)
4. hazel (with Panphilia)
5. meadow

Distribution by Rubadub (c)

‘where I am allowed to sit for one more day, and this is an endless wonder’

128 pp.
Text by J
With contributions from Angelina Nonaj, Hanne Boulanger, Emily Yuting Chen, Sam Horman, Harriet Jones, Sami Domenico, Laila Sakini, Sam Mullany and Lauryn Groševs
Perfect bound softcover
111 x 185 mm
First edition of 225
Language: English
Naarm, November 2021
ISBN 978-0-6453065-0-7

A transversal thing from object to image. This book by ‘J’ inlcudes poetry, prose, drawings and contributions from Angelina Nonaj, Hanne Boulanger, Emily Yuting Chen, Sam Horman, Harriet Jones, Sami Domenico, Laila Sakini, and Sam Mullany; plus an interview with ‘J’ by Lauryn Groševs on the topics of “my seat and weep”, care, desire, language and interpreting connection.

Distribution by Rubadub (c)

J ‘my seat and weep’

Format: 12 inch vinyl, CD, Digital
Artwork by Hanne Boulanger, Angelina Nonaj
Mastered by Shy (3XL)
Bonus tracks by Laila Sakini, Angelina Nonaj, Harriet Jones, Fia Fiell, Nico Callghan, Grace Ferguson, and mu tate.

‘my seat and weep’ suspends itself on the periphery of desire. Its soft whisper like residue, movement, gesture, experience. Featuring collaborations with Angelina Nonaj, Emile Frankel and Abby Sundborn. 

1. but not in this room
2. my seat and weep
3. yellow leaf flutters on a nail
4. petals (with Emile Frankel)
5. you take each others breath away by doing something or saying something you never saw coming
6. more room to breathe in (with Angelina Nonaj)
7. picnic - dyed in the wool
8. a healing tear (with Abby Sundborn)

Distribution by Rubadub (c)

picnic ‘bonus’

Format: 2X12 inch vinyl, CD, Digital
Artwork by Rissa Hochberger
Additional Artwork by Ken Nicole
Inner Labels by Micah Giraudeau
Mastered by Shy (3XL)

A release of collaborations, remixes, and reinterpretations of ‘picnic’. Featuring: Nadia Khan, Pepper (Ulla), Monkey Twenty (Pontiac Streator), Low Flung, NAP, Other Joe, Nico Niquo, JR Chaparro, Ura, Haji K, Ben Bondy, Mister Water Wet, and Newworldaquarium.

1. dewey (Nadia Khan version)
2. leaving a conversation (with Pepper, Monkey Twenty, Low Flung)
3. dewey (NAP version)
4. elkhorn ft. Haji K. (Other Joe remix ft. Nico Niquo)
5. folds and rips (JR Chaparro version)
6. dewey (Ura version)
7. basket (Haji K. remix)
8. drops in the water (Bend Bondy version)
9. cliff drive (with Mister Water Wet)
10. dewey (Newworldaquarium version)

Distribution by Rubadub & Boomkat (c)